2014 – Ongoing

Waiting as a series, began during extended periods of time waiting. I challenged myself use these moments creatively, to see beauty in the most mundane and ordinary. As we entered into the pandemic and everyone was forced into periods of isolation, waiting took on more significance in most people’s life. As I originally set out to purely occupy these moments with my way of seeing, the revelation was in the subconscious outcomes. Not only the themes that emerged in the work but also the outcome of changing my mindset from one of trepidation of delay, to one of acceptance and delight.

Each image is titled with a number which represents a time of day and the body of work is sequenced from the beginning to the end of a day. Shown as a 24 hour period of time yet created over many years.

Waiting is itself an action, which juxtaposes the meaning. The body of work examines the perspective of delay in a culture obsessed with busyness, speediness and rewards productivity. What is time? How do we decide to spend our time? How do we feel when having to wait?

The series started in moments of everyday waiting. Waiting for the bus, waiting in line, waiting for other people, waiting for water to boil, waiting for a loved one to die. Life is full of moments of waiting for everyone.

Examining the work it poses existential ideas, waiting to live, waiting to die, waiting to love, waiting for ‘my’ time, waiting to have a voice, waiting to create.

Life might be a race against time, but it is enriched when we rise above our instincts and stop the clock to process and understand what we are doing and why. Life requires reflection, and reflection requires pause. My times of recording the enforced moments of waiting created the intimacy of a conversation, the voice quiet but alchemical. This space examines the tension between presence and absence. An invitation to observe life eternally on the threshold between magic and catastrophe, creating order out of chaos, seeing beauty in the most mundane, all while I was waiting.

Limited Editioned Works