2021 – Ongoing

The first work in a series, in response to recent world events and extended periods of isolation.

A discorded view, Dissemblance, Study #1 presented as a diptych.

Clouds while natural in origin are abstract in appearence, each individual, unique and endlessly changing. To hold a moment, purposefully isolate these evanescent substances in the sky, unmoored from any particular place, while an expression of nature they are free from literal representation.

The intention with this body of work is to examine the verisimilitude of the natural world as a metaphor for existential themes.

The diptych makes concession to the devotional tradition by employing a multi panelled format, rooted in the history of the altarpiece. Clouds and Sky reference the ideologies embedded in specifically nineteenth century expressions of Sublime Nature. Clouds are the traditional emblems for spiritual presence, to communicate the celestial light of the infinite. Contemporising the diptych is a tool to juxtapose our modern day avaricious worship and ruin of the natural world.

Limited Edition 5 +2AP